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Malpighian tubules of A. dorsalis mosquito larvae : general characteristics and mechanism of magnesium transport Ng, Karen Karpui


Malpighian tubules of A. dorsalis mosquito larvae, studied in vitro, actively transported magnesium at high rates against concentration gradients as large as 16-fold and transepithelial potential gradients of approximately -l5mV. Fluid secretion rates, determined over 90 minute periods, in the presence and absence of cAMP, indicated that A. dorsalis tubules were viable and had secretion rates of the same magnitude as those reported for A. taeniorhynchus tubules. Having characterized the in vitro preparation of Malpighian tubules, the main hypothesis that Mg²⁺ transport is driven predominately by counter transport with Na⁺ was tested. This hypothesis was not supported by kinetic, Na-substitution, or inhibitor studies. Kinetic and Bumetanide studies suggest backflux of K drives J mg; however, this was not consistently found in other studies.

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