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Relationship of vegetation to salinity and sodicity in wetland meadows of the Chilcotin region of British Columbia Mayall, Alison Christina


This study investigates the relationships between vegetation and salinity and sodicity in wetland meadows in the Chilcotin region of British Columbia. Eleven vegetation communities and one group of releves with no vegetation were identified using cluster analysis. An exchangeable sodium per cent of 15 and an electrical conductivity of 4 mmhos/cm were found to be appropriate boundaries for distinguishing between saline and sodic tolerant and intolerant vegetation communities. Some salt tolerant species and communities occurred in fresh conditions; however, intolerant species and communities were rarely found in saline or sodic conditions. Most meadows have soils that are low in salts, but 20 per cent had a high electrical conductivity and 18 per cent had a high exchangeable sodium per cent.

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