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Luminescence and relaxation measurements on CdIn₂S₄ :Cr³⁺ Orfino, Francesco Paolo


The luminescence and the relaxation rate of CdIn₂S₄ :Cr³⁺ has been investigated. The R-line spectra starts at 12,996 cm⁻¹ and extends to lower energies. The R-line separation at T = 2K was measured to be 30.3 cm⁻¹. Also, the phonon sidebands associated with the R-lines are identified and tabulated. In addition, an energy level scheme for CdIn₂S₄ :Cr³⁺ with the octahedral co-ordinated chromium ion is proposed. No evidence of luminescence due to the tetrahedral co-ordinated chromium ion was observed. The broad peak was found to be composed of various transitions whose relaxation rates were in the range (160-210) μsee. Time-resolution measurements of the R-lines indicated that to within experimental error both lines had the same relaxation rate which was found to be (10.45 ± 0.45) msec.

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