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Estimation of browse biomass production of Salix SPP. and Betula blandulosa using multiple linear regression Habgood, Helen Leslie


Browse biomass production of Salix spp. and Betula glandulosa on a wetland in central British Columbia is estimated. Based on an extensive review of much of the literature pertaining to shrub biomass and shrub density estimation, a technique combining regression estimates of average stem biomass with a density estimate obtained using the corrected point distance method was applied. It was found that the best regression relationships were obtained using natural logarithmic transformations of the dimension and biomass variables. It was possible to obtain acceptable biomass equations for the four Salix species encountered without differentiating between the species. More accurate predictions of biomass were achieved using site specific equations and equations based on pooled site data than with general equations. It was concluded that the value of the approach taken is limited if site specific equations are required because of the considerable time required for sample collection and preparation.

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