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Phylogenetic analysis of the cottid genus Artedius (Teleostei:Scorpaeniformes) Begle, Douglas P.


The genus Artedius Girard (Cottidae:Scorpaeniformes) is revised. Artedius hankinsoni is synonymized with Artedius lateralis, since the defining characters of Artedius hankinsoni (Hubbs, 1926) fail to separate it from Artedius lateralis. Evidence of the diphyletic condition of Artedius Girard is presented. Based on the character analysis in this study, five of the seven nominal species are hypothesized to represent a monophyletic group (A. corallinus, A. lateralis, A. harringtoni, A. fenestralis, and A. notospilotus) hereafter referred to as Artedius sensu strictu. Two Artedius species, Artedius creaseri and Artedius meanyi, do not share any of the synapomorphies of Artedius sensu strictu, therefore the genus Ruscarius Jordan and Starks is resurrected to include Ruscarius meanyi and Ruscar ius creaseri. Evidence is presented for the monophyly of Ruscarius, which is hypothesized to be more closely related to Chitonotus and Icelinus than it is to Artedius. Phylogenetic analysis of the adult data (including Artedius, Ruscarius, Oligocottus, Clinocottus, Chitonotus, Orthonopias, Icelinus and Hemilepidotus) yielded three cladograms. These differ only in the placement of Chitonotus. The results from this study are compared with those of Bolin (1947). A larval data matrix for Washington's (1982) study is reconstructed and three larval cladograms are presented. Finally, an analysis of taxonomic congruence is attempted using the consensus technique of Adams (1972). Two trees were prepared, one showing the consensus of the adult trees, one showing the consensus of the larval trees. The larval consensus tree was then compared with the adult consensus tree to give an overall consensus tree. This final consensus tree recognizes two generic groups: one composed of Artedius, Clinocottus and Oligocottus, and one composed of Ruscarius and Icelinus. Thus both adult and larval classifications support the removal from Artedius of creaseri and meanyi to the genus Ruscarius in a clade with Icelinus separate from the clade including Artedius, Oligocottus and Clinocottus.

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