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Easing the transition to the maternal role Brouse, Anne Jenise


This study was conducted to determine if a nursing intervention designed to teach primiparas about their infants' behaviors and abilities would ease their transition to the maternal role. Data were collected at three days and three weeks postpartum from a relatively homogeneous sample of 16 control mothers and 15 experimental mothers. The intervention was presented to each experimental participant on the third postpartum day. Effectiveness of the intervention was determined by measuring maternal anxiety, using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (Speilberger et al., 1970) and concern about infant care and adjustment to the maternal life style, using the Postnatal Research Inventory (Schaefer & Mannheimer, 1960) revised by Ellis and Hewat (1982). Additional data were also collected from hospital records, a demographic questionnaire, and an informal interview conducted at three weeks postpartum. Although the outcome measures demonstrated no statistically significant differences, the conclusions support the need for a predictive framework which would help nurses identify mothers who may have difficulty during role transition and therefore may benefit from role supplementation.

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