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System tool for aircraft routing Gray, Paula Margaret


Operations Planning at CP Air is responsible for keeping an up-to-date visual representation of the aircraft routings for the current schedule period and co-ordinating subsequent changes. Examples of changes are requests for extra usage such as charters or extra sections, changes to the maintenance schedule, and unforeseen circumstances. The present approach is a manual charting method used in the same or similar form by many airlines as well as at CP Air. This manual process is long and tedious and even minor changes can cause much work to keep the charts up-to-date and everyone informed. What is needed is an automated system that will present the information produced on the charts in the most useable manner plus the ability to make changes so that, the resulting information can be more effectively used than with the present manual method. The approach taken is the development of a. Decision Support tool that will allow Operations Planning to make decisions based on their knowledge and experience. This solution is a starting point in an area at CP Air that has long needed some automation. The system has been developed on the Virtual Machine operating system using I BrA 3279 equipment for its color capabilities, and it is currently in the stages of system testing and user-training.

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