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A study of nutation dampers with application to wind induced oscillations Welt, François


Performance of a set of torus-shaped nutation dampers, suitable for arresting relatively low frequency oscillations, is studied experimentally using a simple test facility. More important parameters affecting the damper performance are established and their influence assessed for a variety of configurations with the aim to arrive at more promising geometries. Results suggest damping characteristics to be particularly sensitive to physical properties of the liquid used, its height in the torus, damper geometry, and dynamical parameters representing amplitude and frequency. Among the configurations studied, dampers with perforated inside tubes, baffles, horizontal layers and floating rectangular pieces of wood in flow showed most favorable performance in terms of energy dissipated per unit volume. Such nutation dampers are likely to be suitable in tackling a variety of vibrational problems of industrial aerodynamics, earthquake engineering and off-shore structures.

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