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An investigation of venturi type air-fuel mixers for gaseous fuelled engines Troesch, Ernst Urs


A study has been made of the fundamental factors affecting the ability of a venturi type air-fuel mixer to hold a constant air-fuel ratio. The validity of simple flow equations used to predict the performance of air-fuel mixers was examined, and values of pressure drop across the mixer were determined for six different configurations. The overall conclusion is that it should be possible to construct venturi air-fuel mixers which supply the engine with a stoichiometric air-fuel mixture, provided that the pressure regulator maintains a constant outlet pressure. The venturi type gas mixer system investigated (including pressure regulator) was found to accurately control the air-fuel ratio under transient conditions. It was found that accurate flow calculations are in general not possible, so that the design of venturi type air-fuel mixers will be empirical in nature.

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