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A study of the protein quality of shrimp meal and krill meal in diets fed to rainbow trout Jebbink, Josephine Ann


Rainbow trout of approximately 2.5 grams were fed diets in which herring meal was the major protein source. Shrimp meal, freeze-dried krill meal, cooked krill meal and soybean were incorporated into the diets at two levels of replacement - 11% and 22% of total protein. The total protein content of these diets was 28%. An additional series of diets containing 36% protein was fed where 17% of the protein was replaced by test ingredients. The diets containing shrimp meal and freeze-dried krill meal produced the best growth responses and showed most efficient feed conversion, protein utilization and energy utilization. Soybean meal and cooked krill meal produced favourable results at the low level of inclusion but at the higher level growth response and feed utilization were slightly depressed. The possibility that chitin can be used to spare protein and energy is also discussed.

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