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The nutritive value of barley for broilers Chan, Robert D. Y.


Availability of Ca, P, Mg, Mn, Cu and Zn were determined from six barley samples using broiler chicks. Each of the barley samples was compared with corn in respect to growth performance and feed conversion. Metabolizable energy of barley and corn samples were evaluated by using a recently developed method. The results of this study indicate that six minerals were highly available from barley sampies with values of 93.9%, 85.2%, 81.4%, 70.4%, 71.3% and 76.5% for Ca, P, Mg, Mn, Zn and Cu, respectively. Variations in availability of minerals among some of the barley samples were observed. Supplying each barley sample in the control diet at approximately 20% or 40% of the total cereal grains at the expense of corn resulted in no alteration in growth performance, feed consumption and feed conversion to the control except for one barley sample which differed only in feed conversion at 40% composition of cereal grains. Metabolizable energy of barley and corn samples were comparable. These values correlate with the performance of the broiler chicks. The results of this study suggest that the availability values from feedstuffs should be considered in formulating diets and that the values from N.R.C. publications may not accurately represent the nutritive quality of a feedstuff.

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