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Nutrient availability of wheat feed screenings in broiler diet Wolde-Tsadick, Maheteme Selassie


Content and availability of nutrients in ten wheat feed screening samples were determined using day old broiler chicks. The metabolizable energy (ME) value of wheat feed screenings (WFS)in a balanced diet was significantly (P > 0.05) higher than wheat which was used as a control diet. Growth performance of all WFS samples were higher than control diet. Diets one, two, four, seven, ten and eleven had feed efficiency ratipswhich were significantly (P > 0.05) higher than the control diet. The total average availability of sixteen amino acids in these feedstuffs ranged from 66% (control) to 84% (diet three). Among limiting essential amino acids, lysine was significantly (P > 0.05) higher (83%) in availability followed by threonine (67%) and methionine (64%). The average availability of the studied chemical elements (Ca, P, Mg, Mn, Cu, Zn) ranged from 59% (Zn) to 84% (Cu). Among the chemical nutrients tested, copper (84.28%) was the highest to be followed by manganese (76.57%) and phosphorus (74.14%) and the least was zinc (59%) in availability value. The results of these studies indicated that WFS has an acceptable potential to replace wheat with reasonable margin of profit to the producer.

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