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The evolution of an artist’s life and work, being a personal and reflective journal Stanbridge, Harry Andrew


This personal and reflective journal concerns itself with the evolution of an artist's life and work specifically as it relates to those forces that determine the individual's philosophic perspective, as well as shape the form and content of his art. Three distinct yet related aspects of the artist's life were analyzed by using slides of the artist's paintings that were produced in the relevant periods. Christian conversion and its subsequent effect on the artist's life and philosophy were the first consideration. An analysis is done of the work leading to the conversion showing the effect on the artist of influential local and international artists. As well, the role of literary ideas as a stimulus for visual expression is touched upon. The nature of form and content, as it manifests itself in the paintings done during the conversion period and afterward, is examined in an attempt to show a resolution of style in the artist's work. The second area of reflective inquiry was the role of the artist as a teacher of art at the secondary level. Teaching and working in different mediums in the classroom situation were looked at to see what influence, if any, they had on the artist's attitude to form and content in his own work. The general demands of teaching, apart from the discipline of art, are considered as they relate to the pressures of time and their importance in the production of the artist's work. The third area relates to the first as it parallels and evolves out of the philosophic perceptions of the artist and their relationships to his public. Throughout the journal and in the analysis of the slides, close attention is paid to style, that is, the form the content takes and whether or not the artist's intent has been realized, in making his art visually accessible. The text is an exegetical account of the slides and it is recommended that it be read in conjunction with the projected slide images of the author's work.

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