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Biometrical analysis of pathogenicity in the Ustilago hordei--Hordeum vulgare host-parasite system Pope, David D.


This study involves a measure of the variability of descendants from a cross between Ustilago hordei race 7 and race 11, on two varieties of barley, Trebi and Odessa. Components of variability were defined, statistically described and compared. Biometrical analyses uncovered the action of significant additive and non-additive genetic effects. Differential interactions between treatments and varieties revealed the existence of at least one virulence gene. Specific polygenes and the virulence gene were found to produce significant interactions with different environmental conditions. Homogeneity of variance of the genetic components of the F2 from three randomly chosen F1 dikaryotic lines demonstrated the highly homozygous condition of the parental teliospores. Covariance - variance regression analysis was used to study the dominance and epistatic differences between treatment dikaryons. There is evidence for ambidirectional dominance. The number of effective factors operating against the varieties, Trebi and Odessa, were estimated to be between 4-6 and 1-2 respectively.

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