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The opinions of the adult deaf community towards methods of communication in the education of deaf children Stewart, David Alan


The purpose of the study was to survey the adult Deaf and document their viewpoints on appropriate methods of communication for deaf children. A review of the literature revealed that different methods were being used in the education of the Deaf. Sign language is one of the methods that is presently being used as a means for instruction. However, it is noted that the sign language utilized by the Deaf within the Deaf community is different from signs being used in the classroom. Furthermore, input from the Deaf community is not a factor in determining how signs are to be incorporated into the framework of our educational system. These findings gave directions for a survey of the Deaf community. A questionnaire was designed, pilot-tested, and then administered to 162 Deaf adults in the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area. The questions were concerned with viewpoints on sign language and its role in the development of a deaf child's communication. Special attention was given to the comparative roles of Deaf signs and English signs. Data analysis revealed the overall expectations of the Deaf community of deaf children's methods of communication. The consensus of the Deaf was that sign language should be learned at an early age and before speech; language should be acquired bilingually with Deaf signs and English signs forming the basis of the two languages; and deaf children should be able to obtain a bilingual education and have the opportunity to be able to converse in either language with teachers of the Deaf. Finally, members of the Deaf community should be involved in the formulation and implementation of policies in education of the Deaf.

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