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Expressive uses of word order in Iliad Stiles, Lewis


Homer uses some poetic effects in the Iliad which have not "been properly studied. These include enjambement, balance, triadic structure, assonance, rhyme and repetition with variation. All of them are dependent on word order, and are associated to a large extent with enjambement. In this thesis, each of these special effects is discussed in the Introduction, In the body of the thesis, they are examined and discussed in detail as they occur in Iliad I. This is done in three ways. First, an Annotated Text indicates details of assonance and metre which are too numerous to present in any other way, as well as many of the other effects. Second, a Translation serves as a gloss on the Text and provides a fixed record of word order and word choice useful for isolating the repetitions, as well as many of the other effects, in the book. Finally, a Commentary discusses specific lines and the effects found in them in detail, and presents arguments for new interpretations of the poetry which arise from these discussions.

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