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There is an important place and value for self-directed learning by secondary art teachers of ceramics Cook, Lynda Lee


This study identifies the current need for teachers to be aware of the potential demand upon them for job retraining and offers one possible approach to the problem of adjustment to new teaching assignments through the use of a self-directed learning (SDL) plan. The study is based upon the writer's five-year experiences in which she designed and implemented a SDL plan in ceramics which would enable her to teach ceramics at the secondary level. The main characteristics of an SDL plan, the process of gaining skills and knowledge, and the evolution of the ceramics program are discussed. Visual and verbal examples are included to document important procedures and processes. Conclusions are offered that SDL is a feasible, practical and flexible learning approach that has benefits for both teacher and student learners. Conclusions are that SDL can be adapted to others' needs in that the plan can be modified to be used in a number of subject areas.

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