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Development and analysis of an index for the measurement of ethnic attitudes towards high school counselling Massey, Donald Sunil


This study assessed the psychometric properties of the Perception of Counselling Services Index or PCSI (a 45-item 5-point Likert scale). This instrument was designed by Westwood & Massey (1982) to measure ethnic minority attitudes towards school counselling. The Westwood & Massey (1982) study was examined in detail to trace the development and implementation of the PCSI on a sample ethnic minority group (East Indian Canadian adults and adolescents) and a sample majority group (Anglo-European Canadian adults and adolescents). Based on the results of the above study, the PCSI proved to have sufficient face and content validity. Reliability of the PCSI was estimated at between 0.91 to 0.93 using Hoyt's analysis of variance procedure (internal-consistency). Item analysis indicated that approximately half of the PCSI items were psychometrically superior. Analysis of variance results related to this study also indicated that the PCSI could differentiate between cultural groups. Results of the overall evaluation of this instrument were used to construct a revision of the PCSI known as the "Ethnic Perception of Counselling Index (EPCI)". The EPCI was presented as a superior instrument for the measurement of ethnic-minority attitudes towards school counselling. Several implications for cross-cultural counselling as well as directions for the future use of the EPCI were described.

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