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The CO distribution around 1=30°, b=0° Szabo, Alexander


The 4.6m millimeter wave telescope at the University of British Columbia has been used to map a region 1/2° in diameter centered on 1=30°, b=0° in the J=1->0 transition of ¹²C¹⁶0. This study of the inner edge of the galactic molecular ring has revealed two well defined giant molecular clouds with diameters of approximately 30 pc and masses in the order of 5 x 10⁵ M⊙. In addition our analysis indicates that a substantial fraction, amounting to approximately 30%, of the integrated CO intensity comes from a feature covering the entire field observed. We have also found a complex of four clouds whose linewidths are a factor of two greater than those of the standard giant molecular clouds. The nature of these clouds is at present uncertain. The number of clouds detected in our survey gives as 5000 the total number of giant molecular clouds in the galaxy.

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