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Teaching sculpture : a rationale and resource kit McFeely, Susanne Gayle


This resource kit presents reasons for ensuring that sculpture becomes an integral part of British Columbia schools' art curriculum. An approach to creating readiness, a glossary, a criteria-based definition of sculpture, and a system of critical analysis is offered. The resource kit is complete with maps, slides, background information, classroom and fieldtrip activities. Its aim is to present, based on local resources, an integrated approach to the historical, critical, and productive domains of sculpture. An entire section of the thesis reviews, as a model for this approach, over one hundred and fifty pieces of sculpture found in Vancouver. Another section focuses on the technical aspects of producing sculpture. One media is developed as a model for each technique. Other media are listed with pertinent written and audio visual resources and examples of sculptors known for their work with these media. The appendix presents material to show the diversity of sculpture, both contemporary and historical, in local and international environments. The intention of the resource kit is to provide teachers with information concerning what sculpture can be, what sculpture is, and when, how, and why it is created. The hope is that this introduction and overview of this visual expression area will facilitate sculpture becoming an equitable part of British Columbia school art programs.

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