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Resource allocation in a regional structure for the B.C. Ministry of Health Kaminsky, Barbara Anne


One of the many aspects involved in planning for regionalization in the B.C. Health Ministry is the development of a method of resource allocation to the regions. This study describes a number of alternative approaches to resource allocation and organizes them according to their type and degree of planning rationality. Four major types of rationality are identified: extension of the status quo, epidemiological, management and economic. Two recommendations — a short-range and a long-range approach — are made to the Health Ministry. In the next several years, it is suggested that the principle of per capita allocations to the regions be adopted. Coincident with this strategy should also be the development of a longer-range approach. An "epidemiological plus" method, using the equivalent of the economist's GNP, is recommended. These recommendations, while based in part upon rational decision-making principles, are inextricably connected to one's values. Therefore, recommendations made in this study need not be acceptable to the various parties involved in the B.C. health care system. A major aspect to the implementation of any resource allocation method is the manner in which it is developed; A consultative approach involving the B.C. Health Ministry and service providers is advocated. For the sake of providing a specific application of implementation strategies, the per capita method is discussed with particular reference to anticipation of problems, dealing with these problems, and the timing and phasing of change. The implications of epidemiologically based resource allocation methods are discussed, both as regards the health care system as well as other government services.

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