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Implementation of curriculum : actual use compared to intended use of an environmental education programme Worthing, Donald Craig


In education over the past decade there has been a growing awareness of the relationship between the implementation process and programme effectiveness. Studies have shown that this relationship is affected by teachers who often modify aspects of a programme during the implementation process. This study investigated the implementation by teachers of the environmental programme ENCORE. Leithwood's model of 'Dimensions of Curriculum Innovations' allowed examination of aspects of the ENCORE programme considered necessary for effective implementation by the developer (as stated or implied in the ENCORE handbook). The dimensions explored were content, materials, teaching strategy, time allotment. A questionnaire was developed to examine the aspects of each dimension and was administered to teachers using ENCORE. To determine the extent to which each dimension of the programme is being implemented a modified version of Leithwood's model including programme objectives and underlying programme assumptions was used. Leithwood's model was combined with a modified version of Hall & Loucks' model of 'Levels of Use' of an innovation. Four levels of use of the ENCORE programme dimensions were considered: becoming familiar with, attempting to apply, determining effectiveness of, and modifying the programme. Questionnaire items examined levels of teacher use. The survey instrument was verified in terms of format validity, construct validity and integrity of response.

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