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Workers participation : a survey of employees attitudes Brown, Patrick Timothy


Workers' participation (WP) is any process whereby workers have a share in the reaching of managerial decisions in the enterprise. The major objectives of this study arei to clarify the various perspectives and concepts involved with WP; to review and critique previous studies on workers' propensity to participate? and to survey the attitudes of a group of white-collar employees towards participating in decision-making. Desire for participation among employees was measured by their willingness to move to another nearby company which would allow them more influence in decision-making, everything else being held the same (i.e., pay, working conditions, security, etc.). It was found that clerical employees and those willing to run for shop steward were more willing to move than were either technical-professional employees or those less willing to participate in their union. There is substantial support for direct participation in local decisions and far less for medium and distant decisions. Lastly, when a cost factor for participation is introduced (i.e., time, security, pay) for those who desire more participation, the support falls substantially. No relationship was found between desire for participation and age, education or sex.

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