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Talking among grade seven peers as an influence on the teaching of drawing and on the acquisition of drawing skill Bevis, Vivian


The purpose of the study was to find out more about verbal and visual aspects of teaching art and learning to draw in the classroom. It was to determine what influence language has on visual processes in drawing and to examine effects of talking and verbal thinking on the acquisition of drawing skills of pre-adolescent students in grade seven. The study consisted of a 10-week drawing course for four classes of grade seven students in an elementary school in Vancouver, British Columbia. Instruction was the same for all classes except that in two of the classes students were permitted to talk to each other while drawing and in two classes students were instructed not to talk while drawing. Data were collected and observations recorded using scores on drawing tests, student evaluations, drawing surveys and teacher logs. Although scores on drawing tests showed little difference between the two groups, consistent observations indicated that students did not talk and draw at the same time. Students who talked stopped drawing, completed fewer drawings, made less frequent reference to the model and followed fewer directions. When comparing the work of the two groups, teacher attitude toward the talking group reflected more dissatisfaction because of the higher incidence of incomplete work and the necessity of having to raise the voice in order to be heard.

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