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Isolation and characterization of site-specific endonucleases from oral bacteria Yarrow, Colin Fraser


Twelve strains of oral bacteria were screened for the presence of site-specific endonucleases. These screenings yielded the following results: recognition specificity, 5'-GATC-3', was identified from the enzymes FnuF793 I, FnuF79-4 I, and FnuBC6 I of the respective strains of Fusobacterium nucleatum F793, F794 and BC6, and, it was also identified in the Val3 I enzyme from Veillonella alcalescens 3; recognition sequence 5'-GATC-3' (both modified and unmodified recognized) was identified in the Val8 I enzyme of strain Veillonella alcalescens 8; recognition sequence 5'-GGCC-3' was identified in the FnuBC5 I enzyme of strain F. nucleatum BC5 and in the Smu I enzyme of strain Streptococcus mutans; recognition sequence 5'-GCGC-3'was identified in the FnuBC5 II enzyme of strain F. nucleatum BC5.

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