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The management of an international joint venture : the case of the long beach coal terminal Olsen, Laurence Roach


Personalized Blocking is one method of allocating flight crew (pilots and flight attendants) to the various flights operated by an airline. An existing computer system for Personalized Blocking is the focus of the study. This system, which is used by CP AIR in Vancouver, has a number of weaknesses inherent in the basic algorithms. These shortcomings are analyzed in detail and suggestions for their solution are given. For two of the three weaknesses analyzed, the solutions suggested have been implemented. The problem of Personalized Blocking is described in terms of a Binary Integer Linear Program. The shortcomings in the system are described in terms of some simple examples. Simple algorithms are used to indicate deficiencies in the original system and to analyze solutions for these deficiencies. Comparison of results using the original system and the revised system are presented. Recommendations for further improvements to the system are made.

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