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Identification and seasonality studies of the Synuraceae (Chrysophyta) of selected lakes of the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia Donaldson, Deborah Anne


A comparative, year long (15 month) study of three lakes (Whonock, Munday, Como) in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia was undertaken to gain information on the physicochemical and seasonal limits of scale-bearing Synuraceae (Chrysophyta). In addition, sporadic collections were made in different lakes in this region to augment the information provided from the three main lakes. The synuracean taxa are reviewed with worldwide distribution lists, and environmental and seasonal information are discussed. Thirty-one taxa of Chrysophyceae were identified, of which 20 are in the Synuraceae. Eight taxa within this family are new records for British Columbia, viz. : Mallomonas cratis var. asmundiae Wujek et Van der Veer Mallomonas papillosa Harris et Bradley Mallomonas doignonii var. tenuicostis Asmund et Cronberg Mallomonas transsylvanica Peterfi et Momeu Mallomonopsis ouradion (Harris et Bradley) Harris Paraphysomonas vestita (Stokes) de Saedeleer Synura splendida Korshikov Synura glabra Korshikov It was found that the Synuraceae are not restricted to cold waters, as often assumed. Some taxa are present throughout the year. They do seem to favour acidic and sometimes dystrophic environments, and it is suggested that factors such as pH or water chemistry should be investigated as probable controlling factors for synuracean populations. Of the 11 non-synuracean Chrysophyceae noted', six are new records for the Province: Bicoeca kepneri, Chrysococcystis elegans, Dinobryon crenulatum, Epipyxis lauterbornii, Epipyxis utriculus var. acuta, and Eusphaerella turfosa.

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