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Horseshoe Bay analysis and design proposal Gottlieb-Tanaka, Dalia


Horseshoe Bay is located in West Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a residential community, a tourist attraction with business activity, and it serves as a transportation node for B.C. Ferries Corporation. These different activities create a complex situation. This study deals with the problems resulting from conflicts between the different interest groups in Horseshoe Bay: the residents, the ferry users, the business community and the visitors to the Bay Area. The investigative study contains four main elements: A. A comparison and study of other ferry terminals in Europe. B. A comparison between two similar communities: Horseshoe Bay and Deep Cove. C. A pilot survey used as an indicator of the level of activity in the Bay Area. D. Personal observation, interviews and discussions. The results of this research conclude with suggestions for design development implementations which demonstrate that through physical changes it is possible to achieve resolutions for the existing problems in Horseshoe Bay. It was learned that elimination of the problem is not necessarily the best solution. In spite of much criticism towards the B.C. Ferries Corporation, it was learned that this operation, after all, does contribute to the economic activities of the Bay Area and has an enormous potential for further benefit there. Collaboration of the various interest groups in Horseshoe Bay will contribute towards a better comprehensive plan for the Bay Area and will benefit each one of them.

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