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An analysis of techniques to preserve agricultural land Roy, Denis A.


Competition for alternative uses of agricultural land has increased considerably over the past 20 years. This competition has created demand for public action of some kind. The appropriate government intervention necessary for the preservation of agricultural land varies between communities due to their different needs and desires to control the growth process. In this regard, the thesis analyzes and compares various techniques which are being used to maintain agricultural land. Methods using the concept of regulation to preserve agricultural land are examined in Section II. Section III studies methods utilizing the concept of compensation. Section IV compares the California Land Conservation Act which utilizes compensation and the British Columbia Agricultural Land Commission Act which relies on land regulations. The British Columbia Act was found to be more efficient in the preservation of agricultural land than its California counterpart, a difference due mainly to the mandatory structure of the B.C. Act as opposed to the voluntary nature of the California Act as well as to the different procedures used to implement the Acts. Comparison of the methods analyzed in the study and recommendations for improving the efficiency of the B.C. Act are presented in the Conclusions.

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