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The death - rebirth myth as the healing agent in music Kenny, Carolyn


The general purpose of the study is to build a case for use of the creative arts in therapy. The second and more specific purpose is to provide one example of how music can be used as therapy through the Death-Rebirth Myth. Inadequacies of standard therapies which could be improved by inclusion of creative arts therapies are described, the primary focus being the dearth of creativity. Theoretical foundations are developed for the healing aspects of the Death-Rebirth Myth. The myth is then revealed within the musical context. Finally, the role of the music therapist is discussed in light of the mythic approach focusing on the music therapist as a rituaIi st. Appendices provide practical examples using the Death-Rebirth Myth as a healing agent in music. These sessions are described with short evaluative questionnaires, descriptions of sessions and photographs. Musical examples of the Death-Rebirth Myth are included on tape.

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