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A critical edition of four entertainments by Thomas Middleton for the Drapers’ Company: "The Sunne in Aries" (1621), "The Triumphs of Integrity" (1623), "The Triumphs of Health and Prosperity" (1626), and "An Invention performed for...Edward Barkham" (1622) Burridge, Christina J.


This thesis presents a critical old-spelling edition of Thomas Middleton's three Lord Mayor's Shows for the Drapers' Company, "The Sunne in Aries" (1621), "The Triumphs of Integrity" (1623), "The Triumphs of Health and Prosperity" (1626), and the related "An Invention" (1622) for the Draper Lord Mayor, Edward Barkham. The general introduction to the edition sets these four pieces in the tradition of London civic pageantry. It discusses the history, nature, and organization of the Lord Mayor's Show and its social and political, as well as dramatic, context, concentrating particularly on the extent to which such shows can be said to represent the growing political independence of London. The importance, often: underestimated, of the civic work to Middleton's career is demonstrated, and his contribution to the form summarized. The critical introduction to each text provides a detailed analysis of the entertainment, drawing on material in the Drapers' Company archives to examine the relationship between Company, dramatist, and others involved in the Show. Problems of production are accorded a special importance. The critical notes following each text explain specific references, relate images, ideas, and techniques to other works by Middleton and his contemporaries, and gloss difficult passages. The texts themselves have been edited in accordance with the principles formulated by Sir Walter Greg, R. B. McKerrow, and Fredson Bowers. Each text is accompanied by: a textual introduction discussing the text and its copy, printing-house procedures, and any bibliographical problems arising from this; a list of substantive changes; a textual commentary discussing such alterations, refusals to emend, textual cruces, etc.; a list of press-variants; a list of emended accidentals. A statement of editorial procedures follows the general introduction. "An Invention" is in MS and has therefore been treated more conservatively. The textual introduction outlines the history and state of the MS and the modifications of procedure followed. Appendix I is a brief consideration of the printing of Lord Mayor's Shows. Appendix II consists of extracts from the Drapers' Company records relating to Middleton and the Shows he wrote for the Company.

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