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Subjective odor measurement for the evaluation of agricultural odor control methods Phillips, David Alexander


Odor measurement is a useful tool in the evaluation of agricultural odor control methods. Subjective odor measurement techniques utilizing man's sense of smell as an analytical instrument are discussed. The use of these methods ineevaluating agricultural odor control systems is also reviewed. A dynamic dilution to threshold odor measurement method is used to evaluate odorous air samples collected downwind from an on farm agitated basin containing anaerobic liquid swine manure. Samples were collected from the time of agitator startup. It is found that short term surface aeration of anaerobic liquid swine manure reduces the threshold of the odorous gases being emitted by at least two orders of magnitude. It is shown that odor samples with a 'high odor level' in Tedlar (Polyvinyl Flouride Plastic) bags can be stored for 48 hours before threshold analysis without a significant change occurring in the odor threshold. It is found that odor samples with a 'low odor level'* collected in Tedlar bags have a likely storage life of at least 24 hours. * High odor lever is defined here as 5,000 to 10,000 dilutions to threshold. ** Low odor level is defined here as less than 500 dilutions to threshold.

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