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The design of a consumer information system in the supermarket environment Berman, Moira Elaine


The purpose of this thesis is to explore the possibility of creating and maintaining a database in the public domain. The concepts considered, relate to general computerized storage of consumer goods information, allowing dissemination of this information to the public. The focus however, is on a Consumer Information System (CIS) in the grocery industry, with emphasis on price data. The major topics discussed include the advent of the Universal Product Code, the subsequent introduction of automated checkout and scanning systems in supermarkets, interest groups involved, one possible design of the CIS, and the feasibility of such a system. The system is designed to meet a minimum set of objectives of the interest groups. Based on the analysis, the development of a CIS is feasible, subject to the mutual cooperation of the interest groups involved. Suggestions are made with regard to the practical implementation of the ideas generated. Future implications and possible research constitute the final sections of the thesis.

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