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Isolation and characterization of restriction endonucleases from Fusobacterium nucleatum Lui, Ann Chin Par


Five strains of Fusobaotevium nucleatum were screened for the presence of restriction enzymes and the following recognition specificities and cleavage sites (indicated by the arrows ↓) were characterized: Fnu AI, 5' -G↓ANTC-3' ; Fnu CJ, 5' -↓GATC-3' (unmodified bases only); Fnu DI, 5'-GG↓CC-3'; Fnu DII , 5' -CG↓CG-3' ; Fnu DIII, 5'-GCG↓C-3'; Fnu EI, 5'- GATC-3' (both modified and unmodified bases recognized); Fnu 48I, 5'-TC↓GA-3'.

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