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Computerized farm management information system for commercial beef ranch operators Sakalauskas, A.J.


The objective of the thesis was to develop a computerized farm management information system that would assist ranchers, extension personnel and farm management specialists in their decision making process. Intensive formal farm planning was made feasible by the use of a multiperiod linear programming model supplemented by an input form, matrix generator and report writer software. The model developed represented the structure and production conditions of a beef cow/calf, cow/yearling ranch. It incorporated decision variables representing feeding and livestock activities and the cash flows associated with those activities. The management information system was tested on ten cow/calf, cow/ yearling ranches in the central interior of British Columbia. From the examination of actual test ranches, their management practices, and their problems, a hypothetical ranch was formulated. This ranch was used to illustrate the capabilities and output of the management information system. The capabilities documented were of a descriptive/budgeting, optimization, and research nature. The output consisted of an inventory report, income statement, cash flow summary, balance sheet, financial measures and ratios, and a livestock summary. The conclusion was reached that the management information system developed is a valid descriptive/predictive tool applicable to commercial beef operations.

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