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Cognitive and behavioural strategies in the maintenance of smoking cessation Bloch, Maurice


Sixty-five subjects were randomly assigned to one of five conditions — combined, cognitive, behavioural, oversmoking control and minimal treatment control. Subjects in the first four (treatment) conditions underwent a core procedure, oversmoking, designed to help them quit smoking. These subjects then received either a cognitive, behavioural, combination or no treatment package designed to enhance the durability of change in smoking behaviour achieved with the core procedure. Subjects in the minimal treatment condition were informed at a single session about treatment procedures (excluding oversmoking) and encouraged to implement a programme on their own. A comprehensive package (combined) proved more effective than the simple package (cognitive or behavioural), which in turn did not differ from each other in maintaining reduced rates of smoking. However, subjects who received maintenance packages did not do significantly better than those who underwent the oversmoking only. Subjects in treatment maintained significantly lower rates of smoking than subjects in the minimal treatment control. The study provides a basis for the further development of maintenance strategies. The need to investigate the process of change, maintenance, and their interaction is discussed.

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