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The use of Delphi technique in conjunction with activity analysis to obtain congruency of objectives and activities within an academic medical department Loughlin, Keith Gilbert


This study was undertaken to answer the following question. Can the Delphi technique be used in conjunction with activity analysis to obtain consensus and clarity of objectives and activities of full-time faculty members within an academic medical department? The results of this study indicate that the Delphi technique is a useful method for not only obtaining consensus of objectives, but also for elucidating areas where there is no apparent consensus. The results also indicated which activities contributed to the objectives of the department, and also the areas in which there was a divergence of objectives from the actual activities being carried out. The conclusions of this study are that the Delphi technique used in conjunction with activity analysis is an excellent methodology for identifying the objectives and activities which are performed within an academic medical department. Furthermore, the results and findings can be used as baseline data in setting departmental policies, as well as identifying areas in which structural change within the department is necessary in order that activities in the department may be more congruent with department objectives. Finally this methodology would be highly appropriate for undertaking studies of a similar nature in other academic medical department settings.

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