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Dependency factors in suicidal behavior Pollett, Janet M.


This study was undertaken to answer the following question: Is excessive dependence related to suicidal behavior? In addition, as depression may be an integral part of suicidal behavior, the following question was explored: Is depth of depression related to suicidal behavior? These questions were explored by the administration of three questionnaires - the Navran Dy, the Frequency of Dependency Expression Questionnaire, and the Beck Depression Inventory. The questionnaires were administered to two groups: Group 1 comprised those who had attempted suicide and Group 2, those who had not attempted suicide. In addition, the Navran Dy was administered to the mater of each client in both groups. There were ten clients and ten mates in each group. A t-test was done to determine whether the means of each group differed significantly on four measures: (1) the Navran Dy (administered to clients); (2) the Navran Dy (administered to mates); (3) the Frequency of Dependency Expression Questionnaire; and (4) the Beck Depression Inventory. The findings partially supported the notion that those who attempted suicide are excessively more dependent than those who did not. That is, their mean scores on the Navran Dy were significantly different; however, the mean scores on the Frequency of Dependency Expression Questionnaire did not differ. Dependency of mates in both groups was identical. Finally, there was a borderline significance between both groups in depth of depression with the suicidal group being more depressed than the non-suicidal group.

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