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Deuteron magnetic resonance of TTF(d₀)-TCNQ(d₄) Kubik, Philip Roman


The deuteron magnetic resonance of powdered TTF(d₀)-TCNQ(d₄) has been observed at 4.2 K and 1.3 K. The lineshape is characterized by a quadrupole splitting with a coupling constant e²qQ/h=180.0±.7 kHz and an asymmetry parameter η=.080±.002. The charge density waves (CDW) that are proposed to exist in TTF-TCNQ below 54 K will, modulate e²qQ/h if they occur on the TCNQ chains. This will be manifested by a characteristic broadening of the spectrum. Although the broadening is a factor of 2.4 greater than the expected dipolar broadening, it does not seem that the extra broadening can be ascribed to the presence of a CDW. We can only estimate an upper limit of ~5% for the CDW amplitude based of the observed broadening and the differences in the quadrupole coupling constants of TTF(d₀)-TCNQ(d₄) and TCNQ(d₄).

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