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Simulation of integrated hydro-electric & thermal plant systems using GPSSV Riley, William V.


This thesis demonstrates the utility of computer simulation in the modelling of hydro-electric and thermal plant operations. It focuses on models of selected facilities in the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority's integrated system. Four different simulation models are developed. Each successive model develops a variation of the basic program to accommodate the different hydro-electric and thermal plant configurations. When more than one energy producing facility is included in a particular simulation, they are operated on a coordinated basis. The purpose of the models is to assess the energy producing capabilities of alternative configurations. Two types of experiments are performed on the models: model configuration and operating coordinating policy. In terms of the hydro-electric facilities, the scope of the models extends from the simulation of river inflows to reservoirs, through the energy generation phase, to the resultant down river flow. Generally, thermal plant operation is a function of reservoir status. The IBM GPSSV computer language is used in the modelling process. By considering the simulation output over the two types of experiments, it is possible to draw conclusions concerning the ability of certain facility configurations to meet specified energy demands. These conclusions can facilitate B.C. Hydro in the management of its integrated system with respect to planning the construction of new facilities and establishing coordinating-operating policies. Additionally, the value of using GPSSV in the modelling process is discussed.

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