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Effect of fruit calcium on breakdown in Spartan apples Lidster, Perry David


The effect of several methods of calcium application on the fruit calcium content, fruit firmness, and breakdown incidence in Spartan apples was studied. Prebloom calcium sprays did not increase fruit calcium levels or reduce breakdown incidence. The application of strontium or boron in conjunction with calcium sprays, did not reduce breakdown incidence other than that expected from the calcium sprays alone. A 4 percent calcium chloride postharvest dip decreased breakdown incidence over a range of fruit weights and breakdown potentials. The postharvest dip failed to give total breakdown control and did not have a significant effect on fruit firmness. Low (73%-80% RH) and high (94% RH) storage humidities lowered the initial rate of calcium penetration into the fruit tissues. Moderate storage humidities (87% RH) resulted in the most rapid initial uptake of calcium by the tissues. The humidity effect on calcium-45 accumulation by the fruit tissues decreased with time in storage.

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