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Lau fish taxonomy Tyhurst, Catherine H.


This thesis is a preliminary attempt to consolidate materials pertaining to Lau fish taxonomy (North Malaita, Solomon Islands). Data utilized come from two sources: those collected by Maranda and Maranda (1966-1968) and those collected by the author during a two-month field period (October-December 1975). Two approaches to the analysis of terminological systems are explored first. A general description of the Lau Taxonomic Universe follows in which the major components are indicated. The focus then shifts to a more detailed discussion of Lau Fish taxonomy. Material presented here takes three forms: (1) A comprehensive list of fish identified according to biological classifications. (2) A summary of data obtained from informants' Memory Lists of fish names. The problems of taxonomic inclusion and equivalence are considered. (3) A discussion of those data traditionally regarded as "Non-Taxonomic Terminology". Distinctive Features are then considered and some examples given. Upper Level Taxa are discussed first. Following this, the Features and Criteria for the classification of Lower Level Taxa are outlined. Suggestions for further inquiry and propositions concerning analytical avenues constitute the final portion of this presentation.

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