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Catalan modernism and E. d’Ors ideology of noucentisme Maingon, Louis


In this thesis we have attempted to demonstrate that Noucentisme, as defined and propugnated by Eugeni d'Ors in the Glosari 1906-1910 is a continuation of the first Catalan Modernism. This theory has in great part been influenced by research on this subject compiled by the late Eduard Valentf, in his book, KL primer modernising Catalan y_ sus fundamen- tos ideol6gicos. We have, therefore, greatly relied on his generational and theological definition of Catalan Modernism, which we elaborate upon and sum up in the first two chapters. Owing to the extensive nature of Houcentisme, as of any literary movement, we have restricted our research to the work of its originator and theoretician, Eugeni d'Ors. In our thesis we have tried to point out that d'Ors reacted against the "fin de siecle" literary movements, which were a degenerate form of the original Catalan Modernist grouping, represented by L'Avenc.that was dispersed aflter 1893. In order to demonstrate that d'Ors absorbed, reorganized, and modified Catalan literary modernism, we have proceeded by closely examining the greater part of his work and ideology between 1900 and 1910, as well as most posterior writings concerning this period of. his development. In Chapter IV ye have studied his so-called modernist writings produced between 1900 and 1905, and collected in La muerte de Isidre Nonell seguida de otras arbitrariedades,'. From these we have determined the basic "modernist" ideas forwarded by d'Ors during those years. Between Chapter V and Chapter VII we have delineated the aesthetic and political ideology which d'Ors considers to be the basis of Noucentisme, and which was primitively contained in La muerte de Isidre Nonell seguida de otras arbitrariedades. In Chapter Till we have examined the direct relations between d'Ors theories and the modernist writers. The explicit formal relation between Modernism and Noucentisme is briefly discussed in the conclusion.

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