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Ikon-measured walk : original poems Fiamengo, Marya Ekaterina


That poetry is the fictive music of the imagination and that the imagination is the supreme expression of the human intelligence conferring order on personal chaos, and elegance on social squalor is the thesis of these poems. And that the imagination stands superbly poised, rooted in the paradoxes of the human condition, the sense of mortality co-existent with a consciousness of immortality, the palpable presence of the past constant in and delineating the present, it further seeks to articulate. The poems then seek to celebrate certain occasions and states of being, moments of pure vision which supply the "Notes toward a supreme fiction" whereby the momentary is transformed, enclosed within that artifice of eternity, the poem. One artifice of the poem, if not of eternity, is rhetoric. That rhetoric can be a precise instrument of feeling is a conviction of the poet. The poetry is the swift language of the individual intuition; the rhetoric the slower language of the intellect which bears the weight of continuity and tradition. One moves in these poems from an early style deliberately rich, dense, and evocative to a clearer more austere delineation. Ironic self-awareness, a growing precision and clarity of line and vision replace the former nostalgia for the enchanted trance. The line, however, continues lyrical. Irony is the instrument of intelligence in the service of eloguence, each in love with language.

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