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A review of the effect of the 1962 Social Security Act Amendments on the public assistance program of Whatcom County, Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A. Ryan, Ruth Maurine


This review was undertaken to present the 1962 Amendments to the Social Security Act of the Federal Government of the United States of America; what they are; the rationale behind them; and, what they are expected to accomplish. Attention was given to the administrative problems involved in putting such an ambitious service program into effect, including those of the individual caseworkers. The impact of the program on the problem of dependency was reviewed in terms of 8$ cases, closed after the inception of the program. Answers to 2 questions were sought: 1. Did concentration on services, particularly those prescribed by the Federal Government result in termination of assistance? 2. Were the caseworkers able to make valid judgements concerning severity of problems and potential for avoiding dependency in classifying their cases? It was concluded that the majority of the case terminations were fortuitous and likely to have occurred with or without services, though service was a factor in a minor percent of the cases. Caseworker judgements, however, were found to be reasonably reliable. Some other general conclusions were also drawn concerning directions for focus of casework service and additional research. Experiences in other areas were reviewed and found not to be too different from those in Whatcom County.

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