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Some aspects of the development of Philonema (Nematoda: Dracunculoidea) in Cyclops bicuspidatus Claus Ko, Ronald Chun Chung


Development of Philonema oncorhynchi and Philonema agubernaculum in Cyclops bicuspidatus were followed and compared by experimentally infecting the copepods with larvae obtained from gravid female worms in spawning salmon and trout. Larvae were dissected from copepods for examination at an interval of two to three days. They were found to undergo two moults in the copepods. Three larval stages are described. All the larval stages of the two species of Philonema are morphologically identical. The rates of development of the larvae were observed to be directly proportional to temperatures between 4° to 15°C. The Q₁₀ for the range was calculated as 4. The rates of development at 10° were the same in the two species. The effects of temperature on larval development are discussed. An attempt is made to correlate the rates of development of Philonema larvae in the copepods under laboratory conditions and the infection of sockeye salmon in Cultus Lake, British Columbia.

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