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An analysis of aids to small business in Canada Bucknall, James


Periodically concern is shown over the plight of small business in most of the industrial countries of the West. This concern has recently been voiced in Canada and monies were made available to investigate the position of small business in this country. The prime purpose of this study was to investigate the various government and private aids which it was felt could be of assistance to small business and to evaluate their effectiveness in assisting the small businessman in running his business. A secondary yet complementary aim was to determine what problems still faced small business. First a compendium of federal, provincial, municipal and private aids to business was compiled. This was produced by thorough review of annual reports of federal and provincial departments concerned and also by the thorough review of numerous government and private publications, brochures and pamphlets. To determine the effectiveness and usefullness of aids to small business in Canada a questionnaire was compiled and mailed to businesses in the three provinces of Nova Scotia, Ontario and Manitoba. Several very general conclusions may be made with respect to aids to small business in Canada. First, with one or two notable exceptions all forms of aids are directed to primary and secondary industry often with the specific exclusion of tertiary industry. Another discernible trend is that of the increased role the provincial governments are playing in assisting business. This is so even though both the federal and provincial governments have increased the scope of aid offered. The final conclusion with respect to aids to small business in Canada is that in general they are quite adequate. No major changes to the present system of aids to small business would appear desirable but there is evidence that improvements in financial aids, management education and management services, and the promotion of existing services would appear desirable.

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