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Some aspects of conjugation in the genus tremella dill. ex Fr. Flegel, Timothy William


Cultural studies were carried out with haploid strains of Tremella mesenterica Fr., T. encephala Pers. and T. subanomala Coker to determine the conditions and course of conjugation. Under the conditions of the experiments, the optimum pH for growth was 4.7 for all three species and so also was the optimum for conjugation in mixed isolates of T. encephala and T. mesenterica. A time lapse sequence was photographed to follow the course of conjugation in mixed isolates of T. mesenterica. Conjugation hormones such as those reported for T. mesenterica by Bandoni (1965) were demonstrated for the other two species. These hormones passed through dialysis membrane into agar. Extremely dilute suspensions of T. mesenterica haplonts were pulse exposed to semipurified hormone extracts. These suspensions were filtered and the cells were observed on the dried filter cleared with glacial acetic acid. Conjugation tube production terminated with removal of the hormone. Growth and conjugation in T. mesenterica were unaffected by the antibiotic cycloheximide.

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