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Economic evaluation of alternate pollution control policies for tankers Verrier, Thierry Marie Joseph


The routine operations of tankers discharge a considerable amount of oil into the sea. This oil is the residue from tank cleaning as well as the discharge of oily ballast water while at sea. There are a number of policies available to control operational discharges of oil by tankers. This study describes current practices and alternate policies, and provides a method and data base to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of these policies. This method and data base are used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of applying the provisions of the "1973 Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships" to the tankers engaged in the future Alaskan oil trade. The main conclusion is that the value of oil saved by pollution control will more than cover the costs of pollution control measures. However, the use of segregated ballast tankers is economically justified only if it is impossible to enforce the retention of oily wash on board the ship. If effective enforcement is practiced, then the incremental cost of segregated ballast ships is not covered by the value of the small amount of additional oil saved.

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