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Psychographics : a review Vacek, Ludvik


This paper is the result of an intensive investigation, and analysis of the literature on psychographics. The purpose of this investigation has been to provide an improved understanding of the foundations and applications of psychographics as they relate to marketing. To this end three major aspects of psychographic literature have been considered: the theoretical foundations of psychographics, marketing applications of psychographics, and an evaluation of psychographic research. The review of literature on the subject of psychographics has lead to a conclusion that the field is not without problems. In spite of certain apparent shortcomings, however, psychographic research has been successfully applied in the area of marketing strategy development, and in the area of consumer behaviour. Improvements will be required particularly in the area of instrument design, and in the areas of reliability and validity of individual instrument items. Nevertheless, psychographic research promises to become a viable research tool. This paper closes with an assessment of future developments of psychographics.

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